Relationships At Work

Relationships at work….. there are so many relationships that we have.

Positive, neutral, negative,

Colleague, team member, manager

Supplier, customer

Peer, Network, Neighbour

Pupil, teacher, Friend

In a lifetime we can spend on average 90,000 hours at work, this can be more than we spend with our loved ones.  1/3 of our lives are spent at work.  What we can say is this is a lot of time we spend with others, who we have working relationships with.  How do we ensure they are positive?

Firstly, we do need to understand what is a relationship? This is where there is a connection between 2 or more individuals.  The connection can be positive, neutral or negative.

Good relationships are based on trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, communication, time, individuality, honesty, compromise, mindset….the list goes on.  The characteristics are numerous, but they are reciprocal and are build up with the development of the connections.  However, all too often we can find that we take for granted the relationships we have, and ‘expect’ that because individuals work together, that they will be positive and  remain that way.  This is not always the case and there is work to be done to develop understanding and the characteristics of each individual relationship.

All relationships take time and effort to develop and keep healthy.  In order to do this we do need to focus our time on considering what type of relationship we want to have with the other person.  What are the values we would like them to see and feel from us, and how we wish to be treated in that relationship?  When we have these clear we have the building blocks for the development of that relationship for us to focus on.

We can also identify more easily when there is a disconnect, hopefully earlier on, and be clear on the ways of bringing the communication back on track again.

Have a look at the relationships you have and what you add to them, if you are not happy then you have an opportunity to make the changes.  Be open and supportive when starting these discussions, ensuring the other party is clear that you are looking for improvement and working together you can achieve these.

Don’t take the relationships you have for granted, give as equally as you receive over time and be the best version of yourself.

Its worth remembering that our relationships are influenced on our mindset and how we see the mood at work or with others.  We don’t have to be friends with our work colleagues however we do need to ensure we are professional, respectful and contribute to establishing and maintaining harmony in the workplace.

Unfortunately, this is not always that easy to achieve, and seeking the support of a trusted friend or colleague to assist you is wise, without breaching confidentiality.  We do find that the agendas of others, as well as their lifes move at different paces.  This can find our connections being on a different page for a while, or permanently.  No worries when this happens, be clear and move on.  There are others who will have that mutual benefit.

Focus on surrounding yourself with those who you have a good positive connection with, who bring out the best in you and ensure that life is good.

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