Lets Make That First Hire!

Making your first hire is an exciting but daunting prospect for any business owner. It is crucial to establish the need for a new employee and have a plan in place before starting the recruitment process. Below are some top tips to consider when hiring your first employee.

The Numbers: Consult with your accountant to determine the costs beyond the salary, including pension, tax, national insurance contributions, and equipment. It is not just about the costs but also about how you will gain financial value from the new team member. By being clear on these figures, you will see the benefits sooner.

Terms and Conditions: Ensure that you have the necessary terms and conditions of employment, policies, and procedures in place. These documents will not only make your business compliant with legislation and case law but also set the tone for the employment relationship.

Equipment: Plan ahead for the tools and equipment that your new employee will need, including computers, mobiles, email accounts, access to your systems, and branded workwear.

Induction: Take the time to systemise your business processes and structure a plan on the information that your new employee will need over the first few hours, days, and weeks before they feel fully integrated. Avoid bombarding them with too much information all at once.

Communication: Establish the right communication styles and tools, such as phones, mobiles, and systems, that you will use with your team.

Day 1: Plan ahead for their first day, including how you will manage your normal day-to-day activities while sharing information with them. Be clear on how training will be undertaken during the first few weeks and months.

Culture: Take time to step back and see what type of employer you want to be. Describe your company culture and ensure that you are delivering on that promise to your new employee.

Feedback: Request feedback from your new employee on how they feel the induction process is going and how you can improve. Be honest with them about their performance and address any concerns early on.

Enjoy: Celebrate the fact that your business is growing by hiring your first employee. Seek advice and support from your colleagues to make this journey the best it can be.

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