A grievance is where an employee is unhappy about a situation within the business and where they may not have been able to resolve it themselves. This is where a grievance may be raised. Managing a grievance needs to be handled correctly within the right time scales and the right process in order that there can be a resolution to the problem that will be an ongoing rather than a proverbial sticking plaster. There can be a resolution to the root cause of the problem.

We understand that conflicts can arise in any workplace, be that with a disciplinary matter or a grievance. We support the resolution of these matters with our expertise and care, whilst striving for a solution that promotes a harmonious and productive work environment. Trust us to coach you in the handling of disputes with professionalism and dedication, ensuring a positive outcome for both your business and your employees.

Disciplinaries or where the employer has a concern about the performance or behaviours of an employee following the right process is essential to ensure the ongoing resolution of the issue to hand if you find you have a disciplinary matter which you would like to discuss give the acorn team a call and we will help.

Grievances are where an employee is unhappy about a situation at work, be that with a fellow employee or the employer.  It is essential to follow the correct procedure to ideally nip the concerns in the bud, or to ensure that there is an ongoing resolution.  We often find that when there is a grievance the matter being addressed may be a symptom of another issue.  It is essential to find an ongoing resolution rather than the proverbial sticking plaster.  There can be a resolution to the root cause of the problem.

Facing either a grievance or a disciplinary matter can be a daunting task for any business owner. We can help you navigate the processes and challenges with confidence and with the support that ensures the matters are handled professionally, effectively and without distracting you fully form your on the business activities.