HR Challenges

Difficult Employee
Are there times when you have an employee who gives you a headache – do you need to take disciplinary action?

There are times when you are unsure where to go or how to handle a tricky case.  We at Acorn know how that feels and how frustrating it can be.  We are very experienced at managing difficult situations to find an outcome which is right and fair.  Be this a disciplinary or grievance matter, our advisors will support you through the whole process including investigations, case preparation, letters, attending meetings and supporting on outcome.  We will guide you through it all.

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Off sick again
Is there an individual who has lots of sickness absence? Is there a long term sickness case where you are unsure of next steps or how to manage?

We know people have illnesses that may require time off work, however, it is important that absences are appropriate; are managed and  are treated with fairness.  At Acorn we will spot patterns of absences and with careful management ensure employees are only off when they are genuinely ill.  We will support you in managing persistent short or long term illnesses through medical reports, impact assessments and reasonable adjustments  as well as supporting positive dialogue with the employee.  We understand the true cost of sickness absence, don’t let it impact on your business.

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Your best employee
Is it easy to know what makes the best employee for your business?  Are you clear on how to take each employee to the next level in their development?

We appreciate this may be difficult to put into words and to know how to develop someone to the next level,  particularly if there isn’t an available role for the immediate step.  We will provide the support in assessing how to obtain the best from your teams.  We can show you  how to develop an appropriate performance review program to deliver the objectives of the organisation and excite your employees.

We will also support when you are not getting the best from someone when their performance has dropped and you are unsure why. We will identify what may be driving the change and support you in making changes, or to assess if someone is not able to deliver on their role requirements.  This is all with the peace of mind of following the right process.

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Health Check
When did you last review your contract, handbook or HR policies and procedures?   Are your processes streamlined for business success?

If you have not carried out a review in the last 2 years, it’s time to have a HR Health check.  Our review will allow you to have a clear action plan of areas in need of updating or review to ensure you are a first class employer.  The suite of documents needed are in place to form the building blocks of your relationship with your employees, without them misunderstandings or assumptions may impact on your overall engagement.

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Time to change
Do you need to carry out an organisational review or are you moving services to another company?

Organisations can find themselves in hot water with areas of TUPE or redundancies if they do not have a clear view of the changes needed and struggle with ensuring the complex legislation is followed.  Allow Acorn to guide you through these processes to ensure you are supporting your organisation and employees during difficult times, whilst still being a first class employer

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Hire the best
Does the thought of ploughing through hundreds of CV’s fill you with dread?  How do you ensure you have the right person for the job?

Recruiting can be a daunting process and very time consuming, we understand how it can feel wading through CV after CV.  Acorn can take that headache away for you.  Our service ensures the recruitment process is synchronised with the culture and values of your organisation.   Let us take the donkey work away to allow you to focus on your core role until the best candidates are presented for interview. Investment in our support will deliver a robust assessment process aligned to your values and the skills of the role.

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Which Direction
Are you clear on the direction of your business? Do you have a trusted advisor for your business challenges?

Being at the top of your organisation can be a lonely place.  We all need a ‘soundboard friend’ to talk through the difficult or complex challenges of business.  We have the understanding of what it means to have the ear of a trusted advisor and how clarity can be provided to help drive you and your organisation forward.  Our mentoring support will help you deliver clarity of purpose, values and behaviours for success to take your organisation to the next level

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A click away
Do you wish you had all of your employee information just a click away?  Do you get frustrated by having to store data in different places or in multiple spreadsheets?

We know how that pain feels and have a cost effective solution.  Investing in straight forward and employee friendly HR management software will transform your life.  The recommended software allows your employees to keep their data up to date, and allin one place with the benefit of automated HR admin tasks all carried out for you.

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Tools for the job
Like it or not, there are certain documents which are required to support a good employee/employer relationship.  Do yours feel bureaucratic and cumbersome?

We have packages of documents essential for organisations to be compliant with legislation, as well as delivering on the employment relationship.  The packages vary dependent on the numbers or types of employee sets.

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Training for the best
Does having a trained and skilled workforce make the difference between you and your competitors?  Do you need to be at the top of the game but wish everyone else thought the same?

We know how it can feel when you see an employee has great potential but they may not recognise it.  We understand how to use training and mentoring to bring your team to the next level.  Let us work with your managers to develop their employee management skills

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Retain Acorn
Would you prefer to pay for your HR Support monthly? Do you want to ensure your managers call for advice without concern about costs?  Perhaps the retained service is right for you.

We look to engage with our clients to ensure they have the Acorn team support when they need it, ensuring professional, accurate and timely responses.  We tailor our services to your oganisation to deliver what you need consistently,  month on month.

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Mental Health
Do you have an employee who worries you?  Do you feel they have the weight of the world on their shoulders?

We all have mental health, as we do physical health, and there are on a continuum of great to poor. As a team we know how important it is for employees to have a port of call when they are experiencing poor mental health.  The Acorn Team are all trained as Mental Health First Aiders, which means we can support our employees. We will listen to them, signpost them to further support, and to being well.

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