Common HR Headaches

Difficult Employee

Do you have an employee who is difficult to manage? You always dread when they come to you with a problem? Have they overstepped the line one too many times? Do you wish you didn’t get that headache when they are involved? Has an employee made a complaint against their manager or another member of the team? How much easier will it feel with help to manage these situations, reduce the time involved, and let you focus on your business.  We work to deliver a fair process with all involved, ensuring you are fully briefed on what will happen and when, guiding you step by step. Call us to discuss how we can help alleviate that headache.  We can work with you to get the best out of your employees and resolve difficulties.

Off sick again

You get that call on a Monday morning that someone is off sick again.  How many times is it in the last 6 months?  Do you have to worry about how to cover their work? Are you concerned an employee is ill and unsure of how to handle it? Should you call them? Can you meet with them? Can you ask them about the reasons why they are currently off work? Do you have an employee or a family member with a serious illness?  Not sure how to handle it, and support them? We understand the impact on your business of absences, and how to help reduce them.  We have the skills to support difficult conversations.  How much easier would it be to have help with managing absences.  To be walked through the steps to manage absences, long term and short term.  To have the documents, letters, follow up’s managed for you. Call us to discuss your concerns and start acting now.

Your best employee

Do you wish the whole team was like your ‘best’ employee? Do you wish you knew how to get the best from your employees? Do you have an employee who can do more, but doesn’t? If only they would think before they acted? Are you unsure of how to promote one of the team? Received a resignation you didn’t want to get? Consider how productivity and profit would be developed with a team delivering their potential.  How processes can be streamlined to achieve the best results. What would it be like to have a team that works together for the same outcomes and business success? We work with you to understand your teams, what motivates individuals and how to deliver the best performance.  You will have excellence with first class employees. With an employee leaving, we can work with you both to understand why they are going, how to encourage them to stay and how to retain your best people.  Losing a key member of the team is painful to a business, we know.  There are ways in which this can be reduced, we can show you how. Call us now to develop your employees and business to reach its potential and be first class.

Health Check

When was the last time you carried out a health check on your business?  Are you sure you have up to date contracts, handbooks and policies for managing your employees? How much easier would it be if your employees were fully aware of the expectations on them and them on you?  Consider how much time your managers would save with clear and easy to follow processes for managing employees. We offer a free of charge HR health check to ensure you are compliant with legislation and have processes which follow your business. Call us to book a health check now.

Time to change

Are you changing the structure of your company? Do you need to reduce headcount and make redundancies? Do you need to reduce employee hours? Are you looking at transferring business elsewhere? Would the decisions be easier to make with focused help and support who can help reduce the emotion often involved and to clear the fog of so many factors to consider.  We can help you through the steps to take, to ensure you are making sound business decisions and to help with the difficult decisions. Call us to help work out the plan and start taking action

Hire the best

How much time do you spend recruiting? How can you be sure you hire the best? Is it difficult getting the right person for your team? How much easier would it to be to have someone else to do all the work that goes into recruiting the right person?  Knowing you have a strong Job description and process to recruit against.  We will support you with a streamlined process, freeing up your time for your work, delivering the right candidates for interviewing.  Focusing on who will be the right fit for your organization, with the right skills.  We will ensure you are seen as a first class employer, whilst saving your time and money. Call the team to discuss any up and coming recruitment

Which Direction

Are the senior members of the business finding it difficult to deliver the company strategy? How do you get your team to follow you in your vision for the future? Who will replace you when you retire? Being at the pinnacle of your business is a challenging and often lonely place to be. Who do you go to when you need to support and development? Call us to discuss how we can provide that support to you or your senior managers.

A click away

Tired of time spent searching for employee information? Wish you had all employee data in one place? Want to be able to run absence reports? Want to develop your employees? Need to escape employee admin? Consider the time you would save with all of your employee information available in one place.  Where your employees can keep their information up to date and can access their objectives and update them daily. Call us to book a demo to show you how easy it is to use

Tools for the job

When you employ someone, there are certain documents that you are required to have, however the investment in quality documents provide you and the employee with the framework for the employment relationship. We have packages of document that are appropriate for different organisations and include Basic, Basic +, Start Up, Start up+, Recruitment.

Developing the best

Recognise you have an employee who understands your business and their role? Want to get the very best out of them? Unsure how to take their training to the next level? Do you have managers who are technically great, but need to brush up on their employee management skills? Acorn have a selection of training modules that can be delivered.  Call the team to discuss your needs and how best to develop the best employees.

Your Advocate

Do you need an advocate for your business?  Do you want to ensure you have quarterly reviews of your business and the HR element?

You can, for a monthly investment of £75+VAT, you can retain the Acorn team.  We will meet quarterly and coach you through HR matters arising in your business, with the aim to ensure they do not become an issue.  You can develop the skills to ‘nip issues in the bud’.  Contact the team to discover how this will benefit your business and team