Re-Organisation – Redundancies

“Covid-19 has massively impacted my business and I need to reduce the number of staff. My staff have worked for me for years and I really don’t want to lose anyone but I need to make this change otherwise the business will not survive.”

Our Approach

Firstly, we have understood from the client the reasons why the business needs to change, what the current staffing structure was, and where the client could make the reductions.

Plan of action

We created a redundancy plan for the client to ensure they comply with the statutory requirements when considering redundancies. We supported the manager step by step in this extremely difficult and emotional time by calling them to talk through the process to ensure they felt comfortable with the process and to address any concerns.  We provided them with scripts for the required meetings to ensure they were consulting properly with the affected employees and one of our HR Business Partners actually attended the consultation meetings to notetake and to provide that extra support and confidence to the manager.  We also produced the necessary letters to demonstrate the fair and compliant redundancy process that had been followed.


The manager was extremely pleased with the support we provided to ensure that the employee’s who were made redundant were treated with sensitivity and fairness in very difficult circumstances.

What do I need to do? Who can I talk to about our business?

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