Managing Change – Tupe

“Our business is growing, and we are about to acquire another business to strengthen our place in the market, but I’m not sure how to manage the situation with their employee’s.”

Our Approach

TUPE, what is it?  Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations.  This is where a whole or part of an organisation is moving or merging with another.  Or where a service (Internal or external) is outsourced to another provider

We know that taking on an existing business can be exciting yet daunting, and there are many legal requirements and TUPE regulations to adhere to, therefore we arranged a meeting with our client to fully understand the details of the business acquisition.

Plan of action

Once we had gathered all of the relevant information, we agreed a time line with our client to clearly set out what actions needed to take place and who needed to complete the task; them or the outgoing company,  to ensure that they were compliant with TUPE regulations.   Our guidance to the managers covered all aspects of the TUPE regulations from supporting the transfer of the people into our client’s business, right from initial negotiations with the management teams from the incoming and outgoing employers; consultations with those affected and supporting documentation to ensure all the relevant steps required under TUPE legislation were covered.


The transfer took place smoothly, and it didn’t end there – following several business acquisitions we supported our client with the integration of the various teams into one business unit including the harmonisation of terms and conditions of employment.

What do I need to do? Who can I talk to about our business?

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