Hire The Best – Avoid The Pitfalls Of The Recruitment Process

The process of recruiting a new person into your business can be a time consuming and daunting process – as well as being costly if you don’t get it right first time

Our client approached us for help in finding the right person to fill a key role in their business – a key member of staff was leaving and although the client knew a replacement was needed, they were unsure how to find the right person – all they could think of was they needed a “clone” of the person leaving.

We helped them look at not just the tasks of the role but also the personal attributes required and the future development of this role to support growth plans and succession planning. We took away the headache of advertising, sorting through applications and doing the initial interviews – we also supported the client with interviewing the shortlisted candidates, ensuring the right selection tools were used to get the best person for the role. Once the new person was in place, we also supported the client with performance reviews during the probationary period. The end result was a happy employee who was soon well settled into their new role and a very happy employer.

What do I need to do? Who can I talk to about our business?

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