“We have a clear work culture and I want to embed my vision of being a great place to work. I know my people are the most important asset and recognise our biggest risk is losing talented people to our competitors.  What do we do to stop this?”

Our Approach

We met with the business owner who explained that the business was in a period of success and had plans for future growth. The directors wanted to focus on how they could develop, retain and engage their employees but knew they could not just increase salaries or offer enhanced benefits. They were not sure where to start so they approached us for help.

Plan of action

We began with the design of an appraisal system which reflected the values and objectives of the company and provided a framework not just to measure performance but to build on future development, giving employees the opportunity to develop and grow their skills and attributes through personal development plans. We communicated with the teams to ensure they understood how the system would work and the benefits to them, as well as training and coaching managers on conducting appraisals.


Feedback from the employees was positive and they valued the opportunity to have a structured conversation with their line manager which focussed on development within their current role and for future growth and promotion in the company.

For the company this was the first step in engaging their employees by showing their commitment to personal development and growth and we are continuing to work with them – the next step being an employee satisfaction survey which will help shape what to do next.

I have similar concerns, what do I need to do? What action do I need to take?

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